Powder metallurgy materials is displacing traditional metal materials

February 22, 2024

It is well known that the production of mechanical structure of powder metallurgy has the advantages of no cutting and it will save energy and material; Its advantages of high production efficiency meet the mass production requirement; Its characteristics of material diversity meet the performance requirements of different parts of the structure. So it has been widely used in the automotive field. According to the information, the use of powder metallurgy in the car has accumulated more than 1000 species. More than half of the global powder metallurgy structural parts are used in the automotive industry. The mass production of automobile powder metallurgy parts will drive the rapid growth of powder demand, so as to realize the common development of powder metallurgy parts enterprises and raw material enterprises.

Because of the vigorous development of the automobile manufacturing industry, people know more about the powder metallurgy parts technical and its economic characteristics . Especially in the recent introduction of the models, there are many new parts, so in addition to further expand the production of general manufacturing process, but also need to use some special technology to manufacture, such as: metal injection molding, temperature and pressure forming, powder forging, hot isostatic pressing, cold isostatic pressing, etc.. The application of powder metallurgy parts in the automotive industry will be more and more widely.

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