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Founded in 2017, Hunan Ginga Materials Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in the supply of non-ferrous metal materials in China. Our core product offerings encompass minor metals, refractory metals, and precious metals in different size and shape, a full range of powder, shots, wire, ingot, sputtering target products. These cutting-edge materials find widespread applications across industries such as liquid crystal displays, semiconductors, automotive,electronics, glass, solar energy,pharmaceuticals and aerospace etc. With an established reputation, we have cultivated enduring partnerships with both domestic and international clients. Our product reach extends to the United States,United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Singapore etc.

Guided by a commitment to professionalism, quality, and efficiency, we hold a steadfast belief in treating our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. Placing you and your needs at the forefront of our operations is our constant priority.By technology innovation, market insight and resources integration, Ginga aim to be a world-class integrated service provider in the field of metal materials.

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